Used in quarry and factories to fill and cure the blocks that are not suitable for sawing or transportation, and to repair their surface and internal defects.

Mainly used for all kinds of slabs (marble, limestone, granite, sandstone) surface micro-cracks, sand holes, chicken feet, ants road, uneven repair.

Mainly used in various types of stone (marble, limestone, granite, sandstone) back glass fiber mesh reinforcement operation.

It is mainly used for the lamination for marble (beige, brown net, black and white root, wood grain stone, golden splendid) with aluminum honeycomb board. Due to the yellowish color after curing, it is not suitable for the lamination for light-colored stone such as Ariston , Snow White.

It is mainly used for bonding and repairing stone materials, edge compound of table and panel, and also has good bonding effect on ceramics, metals and concrete.

This product is with high bonding strength, no solvent and oil, it is waterproof and age resistant, lighter color, no pollution to the base material, non sag.